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This is currently a "live" project, halfway to completion. Sponsored by Spitalfields,  Manos Fotiou is creating a vibrant, large-scale exhibition within the Market by photographing portraits of the traders, porters, security staff, some from associated businesses and restaurants within the Market and of the management of Spitalfields. The project is designed to celebrate the people who make the Market the unique place that it is.

This will lead to publicly displayed portraits inside the Market, composed both in a classic portrait format as well as revealing each person’s stall/work space.

Visitors to the Market can experience the exhibition as part of their normal market experience, the portraits seeming to gaze on them as they make their way around the stalls and restaurants, creating curiosity, engagement by the public and raise substantially the good energy within Spitalfields.

A brief inclusion of upbeat, warm and humorous bio write-ups of each subject will introduce life stories they want to share with the world. Having worked at the Market as a trader, Manos is very familiar and friendly with the Market community, giving him the perfect angle in working “from the inside”.

The exhibition will be interactive with visitors being given an exhibition map and them having to take pictures of the exhibits and share them on social media in order to receive a pre determined discount at the Market (exact details TBD).

The launch date will be within September 2018 and displayed for a minimum of 2 months or more. Entry is free to all visitors.