London photographer Manos Fotiou, was born in Athens in the 60s. He discovered photography at the age of 6 when he handled his first 35mm camera. By the age of 9 and to the dismay of his parents, he was feverishly documenting the life of his neighborhood, waking up very early to photograph the baker, the fishmonger the butcher and many other members of his local community in their daily activities.

The following year, his parents seeing that photography had become an obsession, took away from him the 4 cameras that he had by now acquired, as they felt his time would be better spent studying for school.

Heartbroken, he did not make a single photograph until 35 years later when he started again and suddenly it felt as if he could breathe once more.

After a year of experimentation, he sold his Project Management business and his flat and enrolled to London College of Communication (LCC)/ University of the Arts, where he completed a degree in photography. He now photographs professionally and works on personal projects. His subjects are mainly people or abstracts, both in natural light as well as in a studio environment.